Ne-Yo Collaborates With Michael Bolton

September 16, 2008 By:
Ne-Yo Collaborates With Michael Bolton

What is Ne-Yo thinking? This could be career suicide! He's teamed up with Michael Bolton for a song on his new album. The two spent a lot of time together in the studio to work on the track, and it made Ne-Yo appreciate Michael in a way he may not have in the past.

He tells, "I really gotta stop judging books by their cover. I was expecting him to be really up tight. But he wasn't! He was so relaxed, cool and down to earth."

The name of the song is Call My Name, which Ne-Yo says is "about a mistake that a woman has made in choosing between two guys, and he's letting her know, 'I'm here regardless; call my name and I'm there'." Bolton based the lyrics on his own lovelife, after splitting from Nicollette Sheridan last month.

Ne-Yo says the two guys have both been in that situation before, so they used their real life experiences to work on the track. "We both agreed that we had been in that boat before." He adds, "We sat and talked about all kinds of stuff - how he's newly single, marriage, the road - he was honestly one of the cooler sessions I've been in this year."

We can't wait to hear it, only because of what an odd pairing the two of them are!