Ne-Yo Engaged and Expecting Baby #2?

September 20, 2011 By:
Ne-Yo Engaged and Expecting Baby #2?

There may be wedding bells and dirty diapers in Ne-Yo’s near future. The R&B single is not only expecting his second baby, he’s engaged too?

I can confirm the baby news, but as far as the engagement reports go, it really depends on whom you ask.

Ne-Yo, real name Shaffer Smith Jr., has always been super private about his personal life, which ultimately led to a few gay rumors, but apparently he’s been with his baby mama ‘Soul Men’ actress Monyetta Shaw for years.

"She's healthy and happy. Feels like I'm in luv for the first time," tweeted a proud and happy Ne-Yo when his first daughter was born last year.

"Welcoming that lil' girl to the world last night defined for me what 'willing to kill and die for' truly means. My world, my life, all hers.”

They’ve been together for so long (either that or her hormones are getting the best of her) that Monyetta is telling people they’re engaged.

On Monday, a rep for Shaws -- who happens to be promoting a new boutique in Atlanta -- told Us Weekly that the parents-to-be were engaged.

Only problem is Ne-Yo never proposed and he’s denying they’re engaged. Oh-oh. Baby mama drama at its best.

Ne-Yo and Shaws welcomed daughter Madilyn Grace in November 2010 and their second child is due within the next month. But what I want to know is Shaws already planning a wedding that Ne-Yo said isn’t happening?

And while they’re not engaged right now, there’s still hope for Monyetta. Family is super important for Ne-Yo as he was raised by his mother alone after his parents split up. But than again, that whole divorce thing could scare him off. Damn. Back to square one.

But one things for sure. He really appreciates mothers. “'Every Mother’s Day we select five foster mothers that are going above and beyond, and we make the whole day about them.

“Either I’ll perform or I’ll get one of my friends to perform and it’s just a whole day dedicated to those foster mothers, giving them the opportunity to just take a break and be appreciated.”

Ne-Yo released his fourth album Libra Scale in November 2010. Ne-Yo’s fifth studio album, Love and Passion, was slated for a reported September release.

Fun fact: do you know where Ne-Yo got his stage name from? It was born from producer Big D Evans, who thought Ne-Yo could see music the way Keanu Reeves' Neo character could see the Matrix.