Ne-Yo Plans Michael Jackson Tribute Album

August 10, 2010 By:
Ne-Yo Plans Michael Jackson Tribute Album

Ne-Yo has big plans for his next album—he’s hoping to dedicate it to the late King of Pop. According to a new report, the R&B singer is planning on recording a tribute album to Michael Jackson, with the help of his family.

Ne-Yo says that shortly before Michael’s death, he asked him to write an album for him. Since that never came to fruition, Ne-Yo wants to make good on his promise by recording an album centered around his idol. But he really wants to get Jackson’s family on board.

Ne-yo told the Daily Star, "I've been trying to figure out what to do with those songs. I can't give them to anybody else because they were written for Michael - that would be disrespectful. So if I could get Janet and the brothers to do a collaborative tribute that would be a great idea."

Ne-Yo feels like he has to get the approval of the family before moving forward with the project, or he’ll feel that it will go to waste. "There are about 10 he personally selected,” Ne-Yo added. “He told me, 'I like this one, this one, this one.' I can't just put them out by myself because again they were meant for him but they're really good songs, it's good quality music."

It seems like Ne-Yo is being very genuine about this Michael Jackson tribute. It would be a great way for all the siblings to reunite again, for the sake of their brother. We hope he’s successful!