Ne-Yo Still Working On Material For Michael Jackson

September 19, 2008 By:
Ne-Yo Still Working On Material For Michael Jackson

The entire world is waiting for Michael Jackson's rumored comeback, including the artists who are writing his songs. So should we hold our breath for his big comeback? Or are we just wasting our time?

Hollyscoop sat down with Ne-Yo at the Hennessy artistry concert at Kress in Los Angeles to get the low down on one of the most talked about comebacks of the year. "I’m submitting songs for the record, and I know a few other people are," said Ne-Yo. "But I don’t know what he’s keeping, I don’t know what he’s recording."

He added, "I’ll send him 3 songs, and he’ll call me and go ‘Hey I really like number one, number two is nice, but I think the hook could be better. And number three, no that’s not really my style. So lets try some more. Send me some more. And that’s what its been for the past few months."

Judging from the progress they're making, its safe to assume we shouldn't expect a Michael Jackson comeback anytime soon. That and the fact that he won't leave his house without his pajamas. Probably not a good sign!