Ne-Yo Thought "Irreplaceable" Would Be A Country Song

February 6, 2008 By:
Ne-Yo Thought

It’s always interesting to hear what musicians have in their mind when they are inspired to write new music.

Singer/songwriter Ne-Yo says that he had Shania Twain and Faith Hill in mind when he was writing Beyonce’s hit “Irreplaceable.” Ne-Yo admits that he thought it would be a great country hit, but didn’t expect it to be so huge that it would even be nominated as Record of the Year for the 2008 Grammy’s.

He tells, "Nobody expected it to be the phenomenon it was, it surprised everyone. For one, it crosses every boundary... and it's a song people from all walks of life can enjoy. When we wrote it with Ne-Yo it was done first with a male vocal, and we thought, 'This is more of a female vocal part.' We liked it and so did Ne-Yo, but he said, 'Who will cut this?'"

His friend and co-writer insisted that it would be good match for Beyonce because he was already writing music for her and well it seems like that was a good decision.