Ne-Yo Wants to Work with Taylor Swift, Calls Out Harry Styles

December 10, 2012 By:
Ne-Yo Wants to Work with Taylor Swift, Calls Out Harry Styles

As 2013 nears, it appears Ne-Yo already has his resolutions in order. The seems-to-never-stop-working R&B crooner/producer/mogul was at a recent Jingle Ball concert and spoke with us about what he’d like to hook up with (musically) in the future, both of which include the country genre and its denizen of country-pop crossover Taylor Swift.

“No offense to the guy from One Direction, but I’m not blind,” Ne-Yo says to Stereotude at Z100's Jingle Ball, referring to none other than Taylor’s latest boo/source of song inspiration.

Yes, Ne-Yo, we know there are a lot of them, and it’s hard to keep up, and we sympathize. But this isn’t just another “guy from One Direction” like The One Who Always Sings The First Verses or The One With The Streak In His Hair; it’s Harry Styles, The Only One Who Matters. In the probable words of Taylor Swift: Duh!

For those of you worried that Ne-Yo might be veering a little out of his comfort zone with country radio, don’t worry, he’s not venturing too far. He also told Stereotude that he wants to work with Kanye West again and why wouldn’t he?

Their hit with Keri Hilson, “Knock You Down,” was only one of the biggest songs of 2009, but we agree. Three years is long overdue for a Ne-Yo and ‘Ye smash.