New Ne-Yo Video: Part of the List

April 20, 2009 By:
New Ne-Yo Video: Part of the List

Ne-Yo debuted his new music video today for the song Part of the List. The intro to the song plays out like a scene in a movie, in which Ne-Yo runs into Claire, an ex of his, who looks just as excited to see him as he does her.

The two had simultaneously been browsing through vinyl at a music shop. Only problem is, Claire’s fiancé was helping her browse. When she had to explain to Ne-Yo who the man with her was, the disappointment in his eyes could cut glass!

Ne-Yo tells People that the music video is a prequel to his last single Mad, in which he receives a provocative letter that starts a lover’s quarrel.

Part of the List was shot in Prague, where Ne-Yo and Claire end up reuniting, even though he’s vacationing there with his current girlfriend! Talk about scandalous!

It’s beautifully shot, and you can’t go wrong with hearing Ne-Yo’s smooth R&B tone, no matter what the subject matter is!

Check out the video below, and download Part of the List, available on iTunes now.