One on One With N.E.R.D.

June 12, 2008 By:
One on One With N.E.R.D.

N.E.R.D. is “seeing sounds,” for their latest album. Pharrell Williams, Chad Hugo (The Neptunes) and Shay Haley came out in Hollywood to promote their third album Seeing Sounds.

Although the Super-producers were extremely tired from their pr-rounds, they made it out to the Virgin Megastore in Hollywood to greet their fans, along with Hollyscoop!

I asked N.E.R.D. how they came up with the interesting albums title. Shay said, “We felt like it was the appropriate title for what we envisioned for this album so we wanted people to see what we saw.”

The boys apparently were inspired after they watched a Discovery Channel show about Synesthesia, which is a neurological disorder that causes people to experience sounds as colors or as objects in their minds.

Speaking of seeing, Pharrell mentioned that he wants each individual to “visualize whatever comes to his or her minds.”

“It’s a users experience….we just wanted to make some music that we wanted people to see the same way we did. Close your eyes and listen to music, if you see something than you are on the right track.”

Shay also advised that the best place to see music is in the shower, with the lights off and the water flowing. This will create the true effect of “Synesthesia” while the album plays in the backround.

The album definitely has a jazz touch especially with their first single Everyone Nose.

“The creation of the album first started out with a sample that came from an old jazz record. “We played with it a little bit, fondled the loop and there you have it.”

The album also dips into Sixties soul and the classic N.E.R.D. electric rock mixed with hip-hop. To check out our exclusive interview with N.E.R.D. check out the video below.