New Edition Recording With NKOTB

July 1, 2008 By:
New Edition Recording With NKOTB

Oh Lord, this comeback thing is going a little too far. Everyone was excited when New Kids On The Block announced their comeback and now news has come that they’re recording a song with New Edition.

"Donnie Wahlberg had this idea for a few months, since New Kids had the idea of getting back together really," says producer Nadir "RedOne" Khawat. "Donnie's been looking for that one track for all of them and I think we found it."

The track titled "Full Service,” is going to be on NKOTB's upcoming album.

"It sounds very universal and melodic and has both sides in it: The R&B, which is New Edition and the pop side for New Kids," says Khawat. "It's very uplifting. Right away you start feeling good and every part feels natural to each one of the guys."

The song better be a good one! What’s with these comeback bands singing lame slow songs? We want happy comeback music, not slow lame songs.