Backstreet Boys and NKOTB Join Forces

August 18, 2010 By:
Backstreet Boys and NKOTB Join Forces

It’s a match made in boy band heaven: Backstreet Boys and New Kids On The Block are going on tour together.

According to E!, the bands are close to signing a deal with Live Nation Entertainment to tour the U.S. in 2011 as early as March. A source close to the situation says, "The idea is to recreate the boy band phenomenon. It will be the ultimate ladies' night out."

More like “cougars’ night out!”

This isn’t the first time Backstreet and NKOTB have shared a stage; back in 2006, the two groups performed "I Want It That Way” at Radio City Music Hall.

Donnie Wahlberg tweeted shortly after, "As for TONIGHT'S Concert... BACKSTREET BOYS got my respect forever!"

The source says that event is where the idea of the joint tour began. Now Live Nation is reportedly looking for a third band to join the crew, and apparently Boyz II Men is at the top of the list!

We say throw 98 Degrees in there for good measure!