New One Direction Single Premieres Early Following Video Leak

September 20, 2012 By:

One Direction’s newest tune “Live While We’re Young” is all about embracing the now and living in the moment.

That’s what the band is literally doing today following an unauthorized leak online. The boy band’s completed music video for the first single from their second studio album Take Me Home leaked and has prompted the group to premiere the brand new song, four days ahead of schedule.

The video that caused the shake up—a super poor video-of-taping-a-video quality—has already been stripped down from YouTube, but now the official video has just hit VEVO worldwide. Good things come to those who don’t wait, apparently.

The five 1D-ers have since created a Twitcam video announcing the accelerated release.

"We wanted our fans to see the video and hear the single in the proper way so we've moved the premiere to tonight. We're really excited about ‘Live While We’re Young,’ we've worked really hard on it and we can't wait for everyone to see and hear it later today!"

Ever since the singers who all auditioned separately for the UK X Factor merged into the super force that is One Direction the group has raked in over $161 million. Upon gearing up for a strenuous nine country world tour next year and rumors that the music phenom is about to sign a multi-million dollar sponsorship deal with Pepsi, maybe their next business venture should just be a bank.
You can take home Take Me Home on November 12. Watch the video here!