New Cher Lloyd Track Featuring Busta Rhymes "Grow Up"

November 4, 2011 By:
New Cher Lloyd Track Featuring Busta Rhymes

If you don’t know who Cher Lloyd is, listen up. She’s simultaneously THE Nicki Minaj and the Lilly Allen of the UK. Well, I suppose Lilly Allen is the Lilly Allen of the UK, but you know what I mean.

Cher Lloyd is a former winner of the UK version of the X-Factor and she can sign and rap.

She just released her first single off her debut album “Sticks & Stones” and in other “childhood flavored” titles, the title of the single is “Grow Up” where she rhymes and croons about how she never wants to grow up. Her album will release in the UK on November 7.

Also featured on the track is Busta Rhymes, whose tongue-tied verses totally stress me out. Busta Rhymes does not disappoint. But does he ever? Proving he can fit more syllables into 15 seconds than is humanly possible, he spits a very quick and very short rhyme at the end of the song, but packs more lyrics than the average rapper could hope for in an entire song.

Hopefully Busta can lend some overseas success to Cher Llyod’s career. If it wasn’t for Busta’s ridiculous verse on Chris Brown’s track “Look At Me Now,” Chris might never have made a comeback. For the longest time I thought that was a Busta track, until someone told me it was Chris Brown and I was like, “ohhh the one who beats his girlfriends? He’s back?”

But anyways, back to Cher Lloyd. She really draws a lot of comparisons to Nicki Minaj. For starters she’s a female rapper who can also sing and she does that thing where she changes her voice throughout the song as if she’s singing through an alter-ego. It’s just like all of Nicki Minaj’s alter-ego’s: Roman, Harajuku Barbie, Dexter, and Dear Old Nicki.

At only 18 years old, Cher is criticized for her musical ability and having come up off a reality series like X Factor, but Lloyd dismisses all the haters, asking them to judge her after they’ve heard her new album.

“Oh I think we're more than halfway there. Just let this album get out and I think a lot people's opinions will change," says the Lloyd.

She also says like most singing competition show winners, she wont be a one-hit wonder, “This whole X Factor thing with people assuming I'm going to be a one-hit wonder - that won't happen with me. I'll make sure it doesn't happen to me."