New X-Factor Promo Art Released

August 10, 2012 By:
New X-Factor Promo Art Released

Simon Cowell divulged that X Factor would be making “some changes editorially and to the look of the show,” last month, but I’m not so sure anyone expected a total pink and blue overhaul in honor of the show’s two new young things in the judging panel—Demi Lovato and Britney Spears.

In a promo shot for the second U.S. season, the ladies are front and center on a hot pink background, with a turquoise X Factor logo at their feet. Simon and L.A. Reid stand to the side, looking all venerable. It’s a much different color scheme than season 1’s black and red theme, and it’s not one that’s often seen on screen or in print because it’s kind of hard to look at after a while.

Whoever styled the shoot neglected to remove the lime green silly band looking thing from Britney’s wrist—maybe they’re doing Kabbalah like Judo now, and she just went up a belt?

As for how the hosts have been behaving during the bootcamp round, it seems like Demi and Britney are teaming up against the old bros—when Simon called Britney “mean,” Demi countered that she was just “tough,” and then Simon called Demi a “brat,” and Britney “sweet as a lemon.”

So it’s business as usual, basically: Simon is still sniping like an old lady, and the ladies he’s put on the dais with him are cheerfully smacking him down.

Check out the X-Factor’s season two-night season premiere on Wednesday, September12th and Thursday, September 13th.