Next "Little" One Direction Single Revealed on Set of Their Video

October 15, 2012 By:

Anytime any band member from One Direction tweets something, the Internet is in peril of crashing. If Liam tweets how “jetlagggggggg”-ed he is or if Zayn just thinks “The Big Band Theory” is “hilarious,” be sure to save whatever work you’re doing on the Internet.

1D fans eat every one of these little riveting thoughts up—they’re like getting tiny glimpses into the boys’ precious souls, it practically feels like dating them—and they will retweet each with reckless teenage puppy love abandon.

Another of these little tweets making a big splash online? The announcement of their next single, courtesy of band member Louis Tomlinson, this morning:

So far it’s gotten 22,754 retweets and 16,482 favorites and time to save 100% of whatever tweet you’re mid-140 character sentence on. Hurry!

It feels like as if it were just yesterday that the band released “Live While We’re Young” days earlier than planned following an unexpected leak of the music video online (even then it ended up breaking Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” VEVO record for highest number of views in 24 hours), but the boys are already counting their blessings and purchasing quaint $3.2 million country homes like Zayn because that's just another day in the life of 1D.

“Little Things” is the second cut off their forthcoming album/slice of transparent subconscious marketing titled Take Me Home which hits U.S. shelves on November 13.