Nick Cannon Bringing Boy Bands Back With 4Count

November 11, 2011 By:
Nick Cannon Bringing Boy Bands Back With 4Count

Stop everything you are doing right now. Boy bands are making a return. Nick Cannon is managing a new boy band on the scene called 4Count.

These guys are IT. This band has the swagger, the choreography, and slightly urban-but not too urban-street appeal of the great boy bands of yesteryear.

This new group has just released their music video for their first single “Good to be Bad” and it has all the synchronized choreography and slow-burning sex appeal that you expect from any good boy band.

In the video, the boys swagger-jack around an old warehouse and eventually duet with some female dancers, showing off their smooth moves and smooth vocals. But unlike cheesy pop choreography from the 90’s that saw boybands pulling off tear-away Adidas track pants during performances, the boys of 4Count go hard on the dance floor.

Nick cannon directed the video himself and says this group is the next NSync for a new generation.

“The past two generations have seen some colossal boy bands. From New Kids On The Block to Backstreet Boys and NSync. I truly believe 4Count is that next big boy band – the personality, the charm, the musicality – they’re providing something for virtually everyone to gravitate towards and connect with,” says Nick Cannon.

4Count is comprised of Sonny Pederson, Aaron Scott, Adam Ackerman, and Kieran Ackerman. They made their TV debut performing on America’s Got Talent.

Speaking on behalf of the group, Kieran says, “I really respect that Nick Cannon has put so much faith into us. We are not going to let him down.”

In an interview with J-14, Nick Cannon introduces the band where Sonny reveals that he just moved to the US from Denmark two years ago.

Adam says his musical and dance inspiration is Michael Jackson. Kieran and Adam are actually brothers and Kieran credits his older brother Adam as his inspiration to learn how to dance. Awww brudders.

These guys are sure to be the next big thing. I mean, if Justin Bieber is a thing, anyone’s got a shot. The boys are also quite the charmers, which goes a long way in this town. On their official twitter they tweet at fans that “yes, we are all single :)”

According to their twitter, Kieran and Adam were asked to join the band when they were spotted as back up dancers in the Nick Cannon directed Nickelodeon Movie, “School Gyrls.” Later Sonny and Aaron auditioned to join the group. The rest, they say, is history.