Behind the Scenes of Nick Carter's Video Shoot for "Burning Up"

November 3, 2011 By:
Behind the Scenes of Nick Carter's Video Shoot for

Backstreets back alright! Well, not so much Backstreet Boys but rather Nick Carter, and he's the one we really care about right?

Former Backstreet Boy and newly solo artist, Nick Carter takes Hollyscoop's sister site Stereotude behind the scenes of the music video shoot for his single, Burning Up of his newest solo album, “I'm Taking Off.”

The song is an awesome dance track with a futuristic feel that's recreated in what Carter calls a “sort of futuristic club party.”

“[There are] some futuristic drinks being passed around the club that's getting everybody fired up,” jokes Carter.

He said the inspiration for the video was one of those highlighter/paint parties. You know the kind, dress in all white, turn on the black light and start glowing.

“The concept is…we had seen this paint party that had been going on in Nashville, we wanted to throw that in with some cool lighting effects, with some LED's.”

Mix the paint party with your good old fashion “in da club” video and some futuristic vibes and you've got Nick's new video.

“It's gonna be a sick music video. [It] shows what the atmosphere is like to be in a club. Everybody likes to let loose.”

Because of Nick's legions of loyal fans, he let them appear in the video.

“We invited a bunch of my fans, did a competition with the local radio station. We got like 400 to 500 people gonna show up.”

So yeah, that girl lying in his lap and pulling on his tie is a fan. Jealous much?

At one point, hundreds of fans gather 'round the pop star screaming and dancing while he and Briton “Briddy” Shaw (who contributes an awesome rap verse or two) are “druggin” the club with their “love potion.”

Check out the video for yourself, it includes behind the scenes footage from the video shoot and we see Nick Carter dancing, singing, and making the girls go wild, proving that this former Backstreet Boy has still got it.

Nick co-wrote and co-directed the song and considers it to be “one of the best songs on my new solo record.”

The song is off his 2011 album “I'm Taking Off” which was released in the US in May. “Burning Up” is his second single, following the release of “Just One Kiss” which was released ahead of the US album launch.

“It's a dance song,” says Carter, “It's the epitome of what we do best in the pop world.”

Can't wait to see the final product!