Behind the Beats: Nick Ferrer

July 29, 2014 By:
Behind the Beats: Nick Ferrer

Once in a while, well-rounded Individuals with a grasp of music surface out of the fray to create shifts in the music paradigm. These individuals are not made or bred; they are simply born that way. Standing at the edge of musical innovation is none other than LA's own Nick Ferrer. He is an artist at heart, a catalyst at work, and a serious live performer and entrepreneur. 

He is the culmination of hard work, perseverance, determination and self-discipline. Nick Ferrer's trek to musical excellence began in 2008. He got his start working as an intern for LA's biggest hip-hop station, Power 106. Striking the iron while it was hot, he began honing his skills opening shows for the hottest DJs around Hollywood and Southern California, carving his own niche along the way. Performing live and playing the DJ circuit is where Nick thrives, and it's coincidentally his strength. Nick is taking names and breaking ground.

Get to know more about Nick Ferrer, this week's "Behind the Beats" star:


When and how did you first decide music was your life?

I knew I wanted to get into music when I started listening to radio personalities interact with DJs live on the air.


Who gave you your biggest break in music and how?

My biggest break in music is when I got the opportunity to intern at Power 106 Los Angeles in summer of 2008.


What equipment do you use for production? What about DJing?

Equipment used for production is Ableton and for DJing is turntables and CDJs.


What's the toughest part of the DJ lifestyle and how do you deal with it?

I wouldn’t say there are any tough parts in the DJ lifestyle because I enjoy every moment of my career, but if there is one thing it is the late-night fourth meals (hahaha). 



Who has been your biggest inspiration musically? 

My biggest inspirations in music are the DJs I grew up listening to on the radio like Eric D-Lux, Big Syphe, DJ Vice, DJ Echo, DJ E-Man, DJ Ever and all the Power 106 mixers.


What’s the one song you love playing in your set right now?

One song I enjoy playing in my sets right now is by Canadian singer/songwriter Kiesza who has a song called “Hideaway.”


Who is your favorite up-and-coming artist right now?

My favorite up-and-coming artist right now is a group called Clean Bandit out of England.


Where do you see electronic music going in the next five years?

Electronic dance music will be a sound that will be around for years and will continue to become a universal sound. But if there is a genre of music that will be crossing over to the United States in the next five years, it is both Deep House and Disco House. 


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