Nick Jonas Wants to be on "Glee"

April 3, 2012 By:
Nick Jonas Wants to be on

Remember when “Glee” was a popular show and EVERYONE was trying to land a cameo or recurring character role? “I’d love to be on Glee!’ – Meryl Streep.

Anyways, that ship has sailed but some people still want to be on the show, that person being Nick Jonas.

Nick Jonas has already appeared in one episode of the grown-up version of Glee, NBC’s “Smash,” and is putting out the good vibes in the hopes that Glee will pick him up for a guest starring role.

“I definitely would consider it,” says Jonas on the possibility of appearing on Glee, “I feel like ‘Smash’ is sort of my statement in that [TV] world, and I really enjoyed that experience.”

“If there was a ‘Glee’ opportunity, I would be really open to it,” says Jonas, “There hasn’t been yet, and that’s cool. So it’s all a matter if they wanted to have me. I’d be totally open to it.”

Is that how things in Hollywood work? Someone famous is like, “I’d love to be on Glee” and then the Glee creators are like, “Oh Nick Jonas just tweeted at us. Let’s hire him!”

For now, Nick is busy appearing as the lead in the Broadway musical “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” but says he’s had his fair share of bloopers so far.

“There have been some funny moments. In my first week, I was still getting comfortable, obviously,” says the youngest Jonas, “On the last show of the week, I completely lost my place in the middle of one of my big lines and luckily a castmate helped me out but I completely lost it.”