Nick Lachey Hints at a 98 Degrees Reunion?

November 30, 2011 By:
Nick Lachey Hints at a 98 Degrees Reunion?

Nick Lachey performed the classic 98 degrees song, “Give Me Just One Night” with the winners of NBC's a capella competition “The Sing Off" on Monday night.

Could this one-off performance of a 98 Degrees song mean the old band is heading together for a reunion?

“Well you know, I think for the first time we’re actively and exploring putting that together,” Nick tells Hollyscoop, “we always said we would only do it if it felt like it would be fun again and I think we’re all at the point we’re it feels like it would be fun again so I wouldn’t be surprised if you see something come together.”

Nick realized how much he missed performing, when he took the stage with a capella group Pentatonix on the “The Sing Off” to act as singer rather than his usual position as a host.

“It was a lot of fun,” says Lachey, “especially with those guys, I’ve been a fan of theirs through the entire season and to be able to perform with them tonight on the finale was, ya know I may have had more fun than they did, it was a just a blast to get out there and do that again.”

While we wait for that eventual 98 Degree reunion and maybe some more singing from newly remarried Lachey, can we expect any babies from him and new wife Vanessa Minnillo?

“You know, when the time’s right…I’m not pressed into it, I’m not worried about it to the point where it has to happen this year [or] next year, but definitely I’m ready in the near future to become a dad,” confesses Lachey.

Right now he’s just enjoying being a husband.

“Married life is great,” says Lachey, “It’s really not that different from where it was before, we’ve always had I think a great relationship and so married life’s fantastic. Family’s very important to both of us, so at some point we’ll get to that.”

Right after he got married he was quoting as saying that having kids was “right around the corner.” Well, several months later and I don’t see any baby Lacheys?

“We both look forward to a family but there’s no real time table for that stuff. Just whenever it happens it does and that’ll be a great day. I think we’ll take a beat and enjoy being newlyweds for a minute and enjoy that and get settled into our new house and then chapter two will be the family,” says the singer.