Did Kendrick Lamar Jack Nicki Minaj's Flow?

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Did Kendrick Lamar Jack Nicki Minaj's Flow?
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Nicki Minaj is known for her crazy vocals and multiple personalities when she raps. Take for example, Roman Zolanski on "Roman's Revenge", Martha Zolanski on "Moment 4 Life", and Harajuku Barbie on "Super Bass". Those are just three of her many split rap personalities. 

Has Nicki gotten the recognition that she deserves for her unique rap skills?

She doesn't think so. But there is someone who has in her eyes.

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Kendrick Lamar.

After Kendrick debuted his new animated flow, he was praised as the "King of New York". This did not sit well with Nicki, who believes she is both the "King" and "Queen of New York".

Nicki said in an interview to Elliot Wilson in NYC that "You said that you didn’t get the voices before, but liked them on here: why? Because you listened. Because you listened. Because people you respected were on the track, and that’s fine, I understand that…I got a call from Mister Cee after he heard ‘Bottoms Up,’ and he said he had to give me my props. ‘Bottoms Up’ was very animated, but he took the time to listen, you know what I’m saying? It takes skill. And then I see people doing it now. Sometimes, when I hear the animated things that Kendrick Lamar does…I respect and like him, but when I paid attention to certain things he does, I think to myself: ‘I did that.’”

Shots fired? Not quite.

Nicki did give Kendrick his props and explained that she did like and respect him, but like Ray J, she did it first - the voices we mean, not Kim Kardashian.

We have to agree with Nicki. She is both the king and queen of New York. Why? "Platinum albums. Albums. Plural. Number one in five mother-f--in' countries."