Lil Kim: Nicki Minaj is a Stupid Hoe

February 16, 2012 By:
Lil Kim: Nicki Minaj is a Stupid Hoe

Hey, Lil Kim, tell us how you really feel!?

So, if you didn’t know, Nicki Minaj’s song “Stupid Hoe” is supposedly an attack on Lil Kim. Basically, they are both female rappers, so naturally Lil Kim is like “b-tch you stole my act” and Nicki Minaj is like “wutever” and Lil Kim is like “well, double wutever.” Thus a rap feud was born.

Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj spew most of their venom via vague tweets and song lyrics on mixtapes and such, but Lil Kim has finally comes out about it on TV, calling Nicki Minaj a “stupid hoe.”

On a recent episode of Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” host Andy Cohen asked Lil Kim what she thought of Nicki Minaj’s musical exorcism she performed on The Grammys, and while Lil Kim SHOULD have spewed venom at what was arguably one of the most bizarre performances of the night, Kim pretended like she didn’t remember the performance at all.

So then, trying to get some smacktalk out of the rapper, Andy Cohen asked Kim what she thought of Nicki Minaj’s recent single, “Stupid Hoe” and Kim says, “’If you have to make a song called ‘Stupid Hoe,’ you must be a ‘Stupid Hoe’”

Woah, whhaaatt? Using Nicki’s own song titles against her!? That’s wordplay. Lil Kim should be a rapper or something errr duhhh.

So anyways, the two have a longstanding feud. After Nicki dropped her debut album, “Pink Friday,” Lil Kim dropped a mixtape called “Black Friday” and the cover art featured a decapitated Barbie doll, and we know that Nicki Minaj refers to herself as a “Barbie” or whatever.

I will end this very serious story with an even more serious question: Who you YOU think is the actual stupid hoe?