Listen to Nicki Minaj's New Single "Starships"

February 14, 2012 By:

Nicki Minaj debuts her new song “Starships” and unlike her other new single “Roman Holiday” it wont upset the Catholic League.

The song is produced by RedOne and just like all RedOne songs it sounds exactly like all early Lady Gaga music.

I’m personally not a fan, as I like it when Nicki Minaj gets a little hood rat in her raps. Heavily assisted by auto-tune, Nicki spends most of the song “singing” and quite frankly aren’t we all sick of Nicki’s singing voice?
Where is the Nicki Minaj that was featured on “Monster” and “Bottoms Up?” Where is the Nicki that put all rappers to shame with her bizarre voice tricks and mouthy lyricism?

Anyways, that Nicki is gone and we’re going to have to make do with Nicki the popstar whose heavily altered voice soars over boring pop/techno tracks.

However, the best part of the song is the crazy dubstep influence in the breakdown. Maybe I’m just way into Skrillex lately, but the music on “Starships” is dope, regardless of any efforts by Nicki.

Nicki debuted the song on Ryan Seacrest's radio show and told Ryan how the writing process went down, “I went into the studio and started writing – scratch that – I didn’t even write the first verse! That was just me mumbling and just saying the first thing that came to my head, and we recorded it, because I just felt like…let’s go to the beach…let’s go get away…it was just so good. It feels good,” says Minaj.

If you are as confused by that “let’s go to the beach” comment, it’s because those are the opening lyrics of the song. Don’t ask me how “going to the beach” has anything to do with the title, “Starships,” because I don’t know either.