Nicki Minaj Fined for Cussing

July 27, 2011 By:
Nicki Minaj Fined for Cussing

Nicki Minaj was fined $11 dollars for swearing at her Jamaican concert recently.

Anyways, Nicki Minaj recently performed at the Reggae Sumfest festival in Montego Bay, Jamaica and apparently her live show broke local laws against profanity.

I had no idea Jamaican laws were modeled after middle school ethics standards. What else do they fine for? Wearing spaghetti straps and chewing gum?

Minaj was handed a court summons after her expletive filled performance at the concert, but did not show up in court yesterday. First cussing, now she’s running from the law?

Her local lawyer pleaded guilty on her behalf and paid the fine that was equivalent to $11 US dollars.

For $11 dollars you can swear as much as you want in your rap concert or you can buy like three Starbucks drinks. I’ll take swearing for $11 dollars please. That’s what I imagine Nicki Minaj saying on Jamaican Jeopardy.

Despite her potty mouth, the hitmaker had a blast in Jamaica. She tweeted, “I had the time of my life at Reggae Sumfest….Jamaica I fell in love tonight.”

Imagine if we fined performers who cussed in the US? Hah. Most concerts would sound like fill-in-the-blank shows, either that or we’d all be forced to see Taylor Swift shows only.

Lately, Nicki has been having a few low-key run-ins with the law. Nicki got into an altercation with one of her assistants over a suitcase recently and cops were called in. While cussing and suitcase fights aren’t exactly thug, it’s quite a bit of street cred for rap’s Barbie.