Nicki Minaj Has Major Wardrobe Malfunction

June 23, 2011 By:
Nicki Minaj Has Major Wardrobe Malfunction

Oopsy daisy. Nicki Minaj had a major wardrobe malfunction while on stage with Britney Spears in Los Angeles on Monday, but no one even noticed.

She had to stand on one side of the stage while the Fly performed because her outfit came undone midway through the song.

She tells the Los Angeles Times, "People don't notice, you'll never know, but I'm having all these wardrobe malfunctions. (During Monday's show) my dress broke, I couldn't walk down the aisle on Fly... it was a lot of craziness backstage. I really can't wait for people to see this show after we start to feel comfortable. These three shows have been our dress rehearsals. We're definitely not in our comfort zone yet."

How great would it be if her boob randomly popped out? That would be great press for the tour. It would have distracted people from the fact that there isn’t any actual singing going on. I’m talking to you Britney. Time to step it up.