Nicki Minaj is the Only Female on Hip Hop Cash Kings List

September 24, 2014 By:
Nicki Minaj is the Only Female on Hip Hop Cash Kings List
Image By: Getty Images / Dave Kotinsky

Forbes just released their annual Hip Hop Cash Kings list, which compiles earnings for hip hop artists from tour income, record sales, publishing, merchandise, endorsements, and other features. 

Dr. Dre sits at the top of the list by a pretty large margin, $560 million to be exact. He earned $620 million this year from the sale of Beats Music to Apple. This figure represents not only "the highest yearly earnings total of any musician ever evaluated by Forbes," but also more money than the earnings or every other hip hop artist on the list added together.

Hip hop moguls Jay Z and Diddy follow behind Dre with $60 million. 

The only female on the hip hop cash KINGS list? Our girl Nicki Minaj.

Nicki came in 11th place with a reported $14 million. On top of earning money for her "American Idol" judging, Nicki's entrepenureal spirit got her on this list. She has a ton of endorsements from Mac, OPI, Pepsi, and her own Myx moscato. Nicki once told a Forbes writer "I've never been afraid to walk into the boy's club. Ever. Ever, ever, ever."

Hell yeah. Slay Nicki, slay!

Maybe Forbes should rethink the name of their list? Hip hop cash royalty? We'd love to see more females dominating this list.