Nicki Minaj Stops Time in Pepsi Commercial

May 7, 2012 By:
Nicki Minaj Stops Time in Pepsi Commercial

Nicki Minaj gets to freeze time in her new Pepsi commercial.

The colorfully dressed singer hits the pause button as two characters – a man and a woman – crack open a can of the cola and enter an alternate reality to her hit “Moment 4 Life.”

“I wish that I could have this moment for life,” starts to play as the man and woman do just that.

Together they walk through a busy street, observing a skateboarder in mid air.

The couple then shoots over to a beach scene next, using a vintage van that two-ways as some sort of portal. The woman snaps a quick photo with a horizontal soccer player in mid-kick.

From there the cray cray keeps coming…

Next is a massive food fight scene paused in the middle of exploding tomatoes everywhere, followed by a runway scene where the couple exchanges tomato-stained clothes with two models.

Finally, they end up at a concert where Minaj is performing. Another crack of a Pepsi can and time resumes as normal.

The high budget, extended commercial conveys some sticking visuals to consumers in an effort to endorse Pepsi’s new campaign “Live for Now.”

Along with Minaj - whose lyrics fit suspiciously well to the tagline - the campaign will include a Michael Jackson “BAD 25” limited edition cola cans and merchandise in honor of the 25th anniversary for the “Bad” album release from the late King of Pope.

Other artists are surely on the way soon.

On the Coca-Cola side of the supermarket, the competing cola company recently announced a mega-campaign “Move to the Beat” to support their sponsorship with the London Olympic Games.

The Coca-Cola campaign has so far featured an ad incorporating the musical talents of Grammy-winning producer Mark Ronson and vocalist Katy B.

Nothing like a little soda to turn the music industry against each other!