Nicki Minaj "Y U Mad" Music Video

November 28, 2011 By:

Nicki Minaj can add another alter-ego to her growing list of rap personalities: Lil Wayne impersonator.

The video for Birdman’s new video “Y U Mad” features both Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne rapping on the Birdman track. In case you’re wondering who this “bird guy” is, Birdman co-founded Cash Money records with Lil Wayne and Birdman is basically Lil Wayne’s Dad, in a way.

So the Cash money trifecta of Birdman, Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj trade rhymes in the new video for “Y U Mad.”

Nicki Minaj kicks off the song rapping first in a white cleavage barring leotard in her usual “Barbie” way, but then she changes into some sagging camouflage pants, high socks, blonde dreads, chains and swagger jacking around like the real Wayne himself. The only thing missing were some face tattoos, but I’m sure Nicki cares about being pretty a little too much for that to happen.

Nick raps: “I am the female Weezy/This sh-t is easy/Pull up in that new, new/Get a squeegee/Yeah, my flow sick/Yeah, my flow queasy/Haha, they was sleepin’ on me/Z-Z-Z-Z-Z.”

Get a squeegee? That’s what the kids are rapping about nowadays…washing cars.

Birdman rhymes next for a minute, followed by Lil Wayne, who wears a giant fuzzy red hat. However, neither dudes were as cool as Nicki because they weren’t cross dressing and somehow Nicki’s cross dressing is way cooler than when Lady Gaga did it.

Birdman says it was Nicki who first approached him with the idea for the song, “Nicki gave me that song,” says Birdman, “She called me one day like, ‘Stunna I got a record I think you would like.’ I liked it from the start, working with Nicki is just special anyways so and it was something she gave me and I felt good about it so we rocked with it.”

Lil Wayne clears up the songs title, “Y U Mad” and says no-one is actually mad at anyone, though I’ve sent several texts like this before. “How come U wnt txt me bak, Y U mad?”

“Honestly though, I don’t think no one is actually mad, it’s just a figure of speech,” Wayne told MTV News, “I think Nicki just sounded good saying ‘mad’ at that point in the song. I don’t think it would’ve been cooler is she said, ‘That’s why you glad.’ We have to ask her next time I see her.”