See Nicki Minaj Perform 'Starships' on The Today Show

April 6, 2012 By:
See Nicki Minaj Perform 'Starships' on The Today Show

Nicki Minaj appeared on the Today Show this morning to perform her current hit single, “Starships.”

Aside from The Today Show crediting Nicki as, “the Technicolor Barbie,” which is the weirdest introduction ever, Nicki went on to perform a fully lip-synced in-studio performance of her new dance hit “Starships.”

I don’t even know where to start, so let’s just get into it.

First of all, Nicki was decked out in diamond encrusted diapers, knee-length combat boots, and a fishnet top. I think Matt Lauer was trying to ask if she fired her stylist when he asked the question “how do you get dressed everyday?”

Nicki tells him, “It’s always very impromptu, I hate planning stuff. I told my stylist, ‘I’ve been doing some color,’ and I was like ‘put me in black, put my dancers in black, black black black.’”

As for her performance, I mean, it was fine? She lip-synced and was flanked by 5 back-up dancers dressed similarly. There was a booty shaking break-down that was fun? The energy was high? I dunno, just watch the video.

Later on in the Today Show she performed her new hit, “Right By My Side,” and it was pretty boring. She ditched the dancers and kind of just waltzed around the stage performing this mid-tempo single that not enough people have heard yet and cannot sing along with.

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