Watch Nicki Minaj's Religious Themed Grammy Performance of "Roman Holiday"

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Watch Nicki Minaj's Religious Themed Grammy Performance of

Last night at the Grammy awards Nicki Minaj debuted her new single, “Roman Holiday,” and by debuting her new single, I really mean she brought onstage dancing members of the Catholic Church and performed a musical exorcism.

Here’s the performance in a nutshell: Nicki begins her show in the middle of the auditorium in a mock confessional with the priest character she brought as her date.

Then she debuts a short film called “The Exorcism of Roman” and does a goofy impression of “The Exorcist” and pretends to eat lipstick.

She then performs her new track “Roman Holiday” beginning by being chained up to a medieval type of gurney while she writhes and froths and raps in her “deep voice.” You know that voice she does when she growls and such?

Anyways, her back up dancers are dressed as priests and monks and she ends the performance being hoisted into the sky. Ok, that part is impressive, mostly because I’m afraid of heights and it’s cool when people aren’t. It takes very little to impress me, obviously.

Nikki’s performance is getting super mixed reviews. Some are calling it sacrilegious while others are worshipping at the altar of Nicki Minaj. The only thing that is certain is that lady Gaga is super jealous, you know she wished she thought of an exorcism theme long ago.

Today, Nicki had to call into Ryan Seacrest's radio show to explain her bizarre performance.

“Roman was created two years ago…Yesterday was just a coming-out party…It was very literal and streamlined if you know who Roman is and if you know what he’s all about, if you don’t know the Roman character then you have to digest it,” says Nicki.

I’m gonna say that the only people “who know the Roman character” are a handful of music bloggers and her die-hard fans, therefore almost everyone watching the Grammys had no idea what was going on on-stage. Believe me, I tried to explain Nicki Minaj’s “alter egos” to my mom and she was like “so, she changes her costumes?” Not exactly.

Nicki defends her choice stating, “first of all, the Grammys chose Roman Holiday…I could not play another record after they heard that.”

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