Nicole Scherzinger is Glad She Replaced Cheryl Cole

June 29, 2011 By:
Nicole Scherzinger is Glad She Replaced Cheryl Cole

After the strange game of musical chairs they were playing on US ‘X Factor,’ Nicole Scherzinger says she likes her new position being a judge. Scherzinger was originally a co-host alongside Steve Jones but then became a judge to replace Cheryl Cole.

“I did start out as a host and then they asked me to be a judge, I felt like I was better served as a judge, I could mentor and have a voice.”

Although Scherzinger is great as a judge, she doesn’t know why she was asked to replace Cole, “I have no idea. I think she made the decision ultimately for herself. I heard that maybe Girls Aloud are going back on tour.”

Like the rest of America, her favorite part of being a judge is watching Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul being Simon and Paula. “My most favorite part of these auditions, other than seeing the talent is watching Simon and Paula bicker back and forth, they’re brilliant together.”

She has a lot of respect for Cowell too, “He’s a lot of fun, he vibrates as a certain level so everybody else vibrates at that level, if you allow him to, he brings out the best in you.”

The US X Factor judging panel includes Nicole, Simon and Paula and music producer L.A. Reid.