Nicole Scherzinger Music Video: Try With Me

October 18, 2011 By:
Nicole Scherzinger Music Video: Try With Me

Nicole Scherzinger
is not just a TV singing judge, she's got an album coming out and just released the video for her third single, "Try With Me."

At first listen, the song appears like a sweet pop ballad reminiscent of a Michelle Branch or Natasha Bedingfield song. The video opens with the sound of rain failing on leaves and waterfalls falling into streams. How quaint? Not for long. Just when you thought it was a pretty little song, the bass comes in with some ungst ungst beats and suddenly it's a club banger-type hit.

Nicole spins around ruins on location in Mexico in a long white dress which makes her look like some kind of apocalypse runaway bride. It's ethereal and beautiful and you think maybe the club beats were gone for good, but then a strobe light appears (in the ruins of Mexico? Really?) and Nicole has a new clubby dress on and is thrashing around the now perfectly lit nightclub ruins like a drunk girl trying to find a bathroom in a dirty bar.

Overall it's a pretty simple video. She just hangs out in a very beautiful part of Mexico and sings about it. How expensive was it really to rent out Mexico? she should have splurged on a hot actor to play her love interest or at least some killer choreography.

While Nicole is enjoying a successful run as a judge on The X Factor, her solo career has been having a hart time taking off. Her "Killer Love" album was first released in Europe in March but still hasn't been released in the US. Apparently we will finally get to hear in on December 6, 2011. Just in time for Christmas shopping, I guess?

The US version of the album has a different track listing than the one she released in Europe, which makes me wonder why she didn't just call it a new album? That way it's not a "delayed" album but just a new one. And that's how the music industry works! See how easy!

In May she tried to explain to why the album release was taking so damn long, "At the time I was doing my U.K. album, I was really into more dance-inspired music, which is amazing and so much fun for Europe. For the U.S. I wanted to go back to my roots where I started, a little bit more urban sounding 'cause that's still a very big part of me as well."

Nicole also talked to Stereotude about her long awaited album, "It’s a very empowering album about heartbreak and love and being lost in love and losing yourself to love; but its empowering because its coming out of that process and finding yourself again."

Can't wait to hear all of it, if we ever do...