Nicole Scherzinger "Wet" Music Video

August 3, 2011 By:

Nicole Scherzinger just released the video for her sexy new single "Wet." This is her fourth UK single off her solo album "Killer Love." She apparently shot the video during time off from filming "X-Factor."

In case you were wondering what happened to Nicole Scherzinger, well...she's been making club ready beats about what else, going out, dancing, and getting wet from aforementioned dancing.

The song was produced by Stargate who also produced megahits like "S&M" and "What's My Name?" for Rihanna as well as "Black and Yellow" for Wiz Khalifa.

The "Wet" video features Scherzinger hanging out in a hoodie (Soooo Pussy Cat Doll era) and singing about crowd surfing naked because it's so hot in hurrrr.

The PG interpretation of "Wet" is that it's a song about dancing so full out that you start sweating, either that or it's a song about the effects of doing water aerobics. You choose.

The video shows Scherzinger and dancers whipping their wet hair around and then Scherzinger does some kind of yoga routine in an abandoned warehouse.

Nicole Scherzinger is the only popstar right now that can pull off that "sweaty" look. Britney Spears could do that look back in the "Im a Slave 4 U" video, but If I saw B. Spears nowadays sopping wet from dancing, you know somebody would make a wet Miss Piggy joke.

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