No Doubt Latest Single Isn't Classic No Doubt

September 21, 2012 By:

Now that you’ve finally settled down into No Doubt’s new sound—that first song since they’ve reunited titled “Settle Down”—they release their second track and it’s just as…ugh-derwhelming.

Confirmed by Interscope, “Looking Hot” is off their anticipated Push and Shove record out this Tuesday, September 25—and as a childhood fan of the band I must admit I’m still a little confused by these people that are pretending to call themselves No Doubt.

In its chorus, Gwen asks, “Do you think I’m looking hot?” to which we answer, “See the October cover of Marie Claire.”

The latest track is an overly produced dance track that sounds just a little too desperate to be a European dance banger and it could make any diehard fan feel a little heartbroken inside. Its only saving grace is a brassy reggae breakdown at the 2 minute 15 second mark that makes you kind of wish it were the whole song.
Also missing from “Looking Good” is any sense of narrative or sincerity found on their former hits. I don’t necessarily mind No Doubt making vapid pop music—Gwen Stefani still resonated with fans in her solo career—but as a group you’d expect a trace of humor, irony, self-awareness, dimension, SOMETHING.

Push and Shove is the group’s sixth studio album and their first since Rock Steady in 2001. Over the past 11 years, Gwen sought out solo endeavors in dance heavy, New Wave music albums and fashions.
Listen to "Looking Good" here and decide for yourself.