No Doubt Releases El Mac Created Album Art for Push and Shove

August 10, 2012 By:

No Doubt has released the artwork for their upcoming album Push and Shove, which will be their sixth studio album, produced by Mark Stent.

The quintessentially Cali band got an L.A. muralist, Miles MacGregor, to do the cover in his signature style: realistic two tone portraits shaded with swirling mazey vector lines.

No Doubt released a behind-the-scenes video about the creation of the cover, including the band’s first meeting with the artist and the photo shoot that captured the looks seen in the final portraits El Mac created for Push and Shove.

The artist has been one of Stefani’s favorites for a long time (she owns a bunch of his pieces), and he took a long time making sure her got them right: "It was a month and a half of non-stop work - barely sleeping, barely doing anything but just painting. It was an epic job for me," El Mac said in an interview with Billboard. "It's a tricky photo-realistic way of painting the patterns because they have to look right up close but have a different experience when you look at them from far away. There was a lot of back and forth."

Push and Shove comes out on September 25, You can listen to the first single, ‘Settle Down,’ here (the remix by Major Lazer is pretty good, too)!

It sounds a lot more like Gwen Stefani’s solo stuff than No Doubt’s, and maybe that’s part of the reason Tony Kanal keeps looking at Gwen so reproachfully during the behind-the-scenes vid.