No Doubt "Settle Down" Music Video Released

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No Doubt \"Settle Down\" Music Video Released
Attention No Doubt fans… The new single from the band’s album Push and Shove has arrived.

The new track “Settle Down” is the first single off their sixth studio album. But it’s nothing to settle down about… This is the first new material from the trio in over tens years. And they’re picking up right where they left off.

“Get, get, get in line and settle down,” lead singer Gwen Stefani sings.

The song starts with schoolyard sounds mixed with a series of sci-fi effects. On top of all of that is a deep guitar loop that plays on throughout the verse.

After such a long wait, No Doubt still seems to have the poppy goodness that we’ve come to know and love about them. And this new installment will be sure to make your workout playlist.

Lyric-wise, it takes the cake, with lines like, “I’m fine / I’m hella positive for real / I’m all good.” Enough said.

It bursts into a very late ‘90s chorus with layers upon layers of production and back up singers. In pure Gwen style, her voice whines and soars on top.

Just over four minutes into the recording, the song completely breaks down into a drumbeat and chimed synths. Spurts of Gwen’s lyrics chant in and out to accent the rhythm. Despite it’s abrupt start, the song ends soft, fading out to nothing.

Fans were treated to a sneak peak of the making of the music video last week on the group’s website. Director Sophie Muller helmed the project. People familiar with Sophie’s work will recognize her name from No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak” video.

In the new video, each bad member drives a tractor-trailer truck to the parking lot meet up where they put on an impromptu concert in the middle to the night to no one in particular. Some of the song’s lyrics seem to highlight this theme.

“What’s your 20? / Where’s your brain? / Check it in to check you out / ‘Cause it’s all about your whereabouts.”

Push and Shove arrives in its full awesomeness on September 25th.

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