One Direction Sues One Direction

June 22, 2012 By:

So One Direction, the UK band we all know about, possibly even have their posters above our beds, is being sued by One Direction, a US band, who though you’ve never heard of them, had the name first.

The US band formed in California in 2009 and have released a couple of albums, but if you can find them on a Google search, you must be like 257 pages deep. The UK band came out of nowhere (“nowhere” being the X Factor and Simon Cowells subconscious actually) to obliterate the US bands internet presence, and let’s just say it, budding career. is reporting that the CA boys are suing the Brits as well as Syco Entertainment and Sony Music over the swiped moniker. They claim that Sony (at least) knew the name was taken but decided to use it anyway, causing them “substantial confusion and substantial damage.”

They are asking for the rights to the name, at least in the US, a percentage of the boy band’s profits, and a million dollars… cause, why not?

So what’s One Direction UK going to do about the matter? Counter sue, obviously.

Even though the US did it first, “One Direction’s lawyers have now had to file an Answer and Counterclaim in order to defend and assert the band’s right to use their name… [which] makes it clear that it is One Direction who have prior rights to the name in the U.S. as it was One Direction who used the name in interstate commerce in the US first.”

So, basically they think that the One Direction name, even in America, belongs to the Britain because they toured bigger.

Sadly, it’s doubtful these other boys stand a chance against the industry that has become of the one and only One Direction.

The only way 1D-US is going to make any money is if they start doing covers of 1D-UK’s singles… but then it will only work if they’re cute.

Are they cute? I don’t know, I can’t find their pictures online.