9 Reasons Your Grandma Will Love One Direction Too

May 31, 2013 By:

We all love grandma. She’s the light of our life and the reason that Werther’s candies still exist. She’s lived through things like the landing on the moon and the fall of the bellbottoms. But we also love One Direction. So, we decided to try and combine those two loves. Turns out it's pretty easy. Here are nine reasons your grandma will love those UK whippersnappers, too.

1. Because their music means quality time with her grandkids (Even though she doesn't really get it).

2. Because you're never too old to be their biggest fan.

3. Because they totally sound great after a series of bad decisions.  (Uhh ohh, gram gram’s hammered again.)

4. Because they'll make her feel as young as she was when Eisenhower was president. 

5. Because they're hot and she's more woman than they can handle. 

6. Because it'll be love at first listen.

7. Because they remind her of The Monkees. 

8. Because no one can resist Harry.

9. Because she can totally cut a rug to their songs.