One Direction Hates Harry Styles

August 26, 2014 By:
One Direction Hates Harry Styles
Image By: Kevin Kane

Harry Styles has been beefing with his bandmates about the direction of their music… We guess they're all not trying to go one direction (excuse the bad pun).

A source opened up to British magazine Heat - "Harry clashes with the boys all the time about musical direction - especially Niall, who thinks he'll alienate fans with his plan to move away from pop. It's turning into a real power struggle, but Harry's so stubborn."


Getty Images /  Juan Naharro Gimenez


It has also been rumored that Harry was working on his own lyrics and branching out on his own. These rumors have irritated the bandmates, even though they have all been denied.

"There's always speculation about Harry quitting and going solo, which has totally pissed everyone off," the insider also said.

Is this the end of One Direction? Say it ain't so, Harry!