One Direction Hits One Billion Streams on Spotify

November 25, 2014 By:
One Direction Hits One Billion Streams on Spotify
Image By: Getty Images / Christopher Polk

Drake rapped about doing "One Direction numbers" in Lil Wayne's "Believe Me".

But what does this mean exactly?

Drizzy is referring to One Direction's tour sales numbers. The band brought home $52 million from their Take Me Home Tour, while Drake made $46 million with his Club Paradise tour.

Whatever the British boys drop, their fans will rush to buy - whether it is tour tickets, merch, singles, albums, etc.

Drake can add another "One Direction number" to the checklist.

1D just passed the one billion plays on Spotify, making them only the second British band in history after Coldplay to achieve this. The guys reached this landmark last week after the release of their fourth studio album Four

Spotify pointed out that One Direction is featured on over 20 million playlists, and their smash hit "Story Of My Life" is the most-streamed track ever, with 90 million plays worldwide.

Even with these crazy numbers, One Direction is still not the most popular artist on Spotify. 

Check out the list of the heaviest hitters on Spotify:

1. Eminem 
2. David Guetta 
3. Rihanna 
4. Coldplay 
5. Avicii 
6. Calvin Harris 
7. Katy Perry 
8. Drake 
9. Pitbull 
10. Maroon 5
11. Ed Sheeran 
12. Beyoncé 
13. Imagine Dragons 
14. One Direction