One Direction "Kiss You" Music Video

January 3, 2013 By:
One Direction


I don’t want to inspire the “ARRR!” of One Directioners, so before they call for a mutiny on me let me disclose that this is strictly a teaser—not the actual video! yet…—for their video “Kiss You.”

But here’s what we know so far: The song is an upbeat single, a sound that’s far more instep with their bubbly image than aged beyond their years and experience Ed Sheeran-penned  “Little Things” circulating radio airwaves currently.

I don’t know about you, but personally I don’t like my One Direction sounding like Adele.

The short thirty-second clip showcases each of the band members’ one of a kind personalities (by that we mean, the one’s they’ve been instructed to perform based on various market research). Harry, Zayn, Louis, Niall, and Liam get all dappered up in ship shape sailor uniforms.

Esteemed news outlets that haven’t even seen the full video yet, but are calling “Kiss You” things like “nautical but nice” with “goofy dance routines.” Sounds like a classic, you guys! 

Interestingly enough, unlike their previous offerings, these songs don’t appear to have any ladies in them that smitten these heart throbs’ throbbin’ hearts.

The video is set to premiere January 7, only five days away (mark your calendars or nearby palm tree Tom Hanks in Castaway style). It’ll surely amass a sea of views in the territory of 100,000,000 plus.