One Direction Shirtless In "Kiss" Music Video

January 9, 2013 By:
One Direction Shirtless In


Yesterday, One Direction premiered the much-hyped about music video for their new single “Kiss You” last night and I don’t know where One Direction ends and an Old Navy campaign begins with this one. The song is a super sunny, summer-in-winter track that’s sure to keep you warm during embarrassing after-hour karaoke with your co-workers this season.

The five boys all wear (or don’t wear when they go shirtless, ayo!) similar garb for various cookie-cutter scenes: One Direction Driving a ‘60s Convertible, One Direction Channeling Elvis on the Set of Jailhouse Rock, One Direction Shirtless and Faux-Surfing, One Direction Covered Up and Faux-Skiing, One Direction in Loud Hawaiian T-Shirts, One Direction Members Tickling Other Members of One Direction—all of which are filed under the larger umbrella category of One Direction Scenarios Of Your Dreams.

However it does feature a surprising twist, Harry Styles revealing his extra set of nipples, which is like, the edgiest thing One Direction can do these days.

The video was uploaded just 24 hours ago and has already accrued nearly 6.5 million views.

This is on its way to eclipsing the lyric video version of “Kiss You” which hit the net a few weeks ago and peaked at around 8.5 million, with hopes that it’ll be the most watched debut in a week for not just the boy band, but all other acts and set a precedent for 2013.

Watch this fun montage in its entirety here: