The Wanted and One Direction Feud Heats Up

November 7, 2012 By:
The Wanted and One Direction Feud Heats Up

They’re both super hot boy bands right now, so it makes sense that with all this testosterone flowing between them they’d be scuffling on the rough side of the playground sandbox.

Speaking candidly to Now magazine, the toughest Jet there ever was in a Disney remake of West Side Story Louis Tomlinson of One Direction said, “If you want to create rivalry, then let’s do it.”

Louis then added, that while initial introductions were pleasant when they all met on X Factor UK, that all changed when The Wanted blew up with “Glad You Came.” Classic consequence of fame! “It changed all of a sudden,” Louis noticed. “There was one press story where they were bad-mouthing us. I thought maybe that had been twisted. But then there ended up being about ten stories and they’ve been caught on camera doing little things.”

Time out! These boys are getting all fidgety and restless. Someones’ juice boxes need to be refilled, followed by a quick after recess nap.

Anyway, The Wanted is aware of this minor rivalry between the two, judging by exclusive comments they gave us when we caught up with the band in Vegas.

“You know it’s very expected that media always tries to pit two bands together to create a massive rivalry ‘cause obviously it’s more for them to talk about,” says Nathan Sykes, sounding more level-headed about it than 1D. “But you know, we have no issue with them whatsoever, we really like them as people and their realy good lads and it’s good to see they haven’t changed at all since they were first on X Factor.”

Nathan doesn’t mention his comment that their band is less “stereotypical” than One Direction, which band mate Tom Parker told a radio host recently.

Either way, The Wanted is slightly older, which is multiplied in young adult years (everyone in The Wanted except one member is of drinking age, no one in One Direction is), so this sounds more like the older brothers giving noogies to their younger counterparts—a sibling rivalry that one takes more seriously than the other, if anything. Child’s play.