FYI: the Paramore Sea Cruise, Ellie Goulding’s New Single

August 23, 2013 By:

Paramore and Tegan and Sara are going to be playing a cruise ship festival, and yes… you need to be there. (Billboard)

Speaking of Tegan and Sara, the adorable duo took the stage with Taylor Swift at the Staples Center. Stereotude was there and, yes… it was awesome. (Rolling Stone)

Generally, we can get behind Pharrell Williams’ projects, but a mixtape with former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis? Really? (Consequence of Sound)

Watching the VMAs this weekend? Yes you are, and you’ll see Jimmy Fallon give Justin Timberlake his Vanguard Award. (MTV)

…Also, you’ll see Macklemore & Ryan Lewis doing what they do best: being awesome. (MTV)

In the ongoing legal battle over Blurred LinesMarvin Gaye’s family allegedly turned down a six-figure settlement from Robin Thicke. (Pitchfork)

MGMT played “Letterman” last night and it was as weird and amazing as you're imagining. (Pitchfork)

Ellie Goulding’s new single, “Goodness Gracious,” was co-written by fun.’s Nate Reuss, and Cherrytree Records wants you to hear it. (Idolator)

It’s happened… Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” surpassed 100 million plays on Spotify. Add that to the summer single’s list of achievements. (NME)