Paris Hilton Making "Amazing" Music with Rumored Beau Dj Afrojack

February 17, 2012 By:
Paris Hilton Making

Paris Hilton has been rumored to be dating House music DJ Afrojack, and while neither of them has confirmed it, I'm pretty sure that these two are serious.

Paris has been in the studio working on her new house music album and spending a lot of time making sweet music with Afrojack.

We caught up with the heiress at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards and Paris talks up her new album that her "are-they-aren't-they-dating" beau Afrojack is producing for her.

“Afrojack is executive producing it and has made so many incredible songs,” says Hilton, “I'm so excited. We have collaborations with LMFAO and Flo-Rida and some other very cool surprise guests, so it's been so exciting and great being in the studio.”

This isn't Paris's first album, but it is her first venture into House music, though she's been a fan of the style for years.

“I love house music,” says Hilton, “I've been going to raves since I was fifteen in New York City so it's always been a part of my life and now that its become so popular and has taken over the radio, it's amazing.”

We tried to set the record straight on her relationship status, and while she wouldn't confirm it, she did say:

“I'm just really happy,” says Hilton, “I've never been happier. I'm doing what I love and have amazing people around me and life is good.”