Paris Hilton to Become "Queen of House Music"

September 8, 2011 By:
Paris Hilton to Become

I guess reality TV, releasing fragrances, and washing cars for Carls Jr. commercials are old news for Paris Hilton. She's now set her sights on becoming the "Queen of house music."

Paris is training with some of the biggest names in house music like Afrojack and Deadmau5 to become the greatest female house music DJ of all time!

Sources have told TMZ that Paris is "traveling the world" and shadowing famous DJ's in order help her make her own house music album.

The source says that Paris even has plans to appear on stage and will be spinning records with Deadmau5 in the near future.

Apparently some of these pro house music DJ's have told Paris that house music has never had a pro female DJ...yet.

"No woman has ever taken over in that arena...and she wants to become that person." says the source. Apparently Paris has been told that she has the potential to become the "Queen of house music."

I guess if you spent your entire 20's as a professional club-rat, you would by default become the "Queen of house music," so if that title is going to go to anyone it would have to be Paris.

TMZ has learned that Paris is in Ibiza (the mecca of house music) with David Guetta recording her album, and if anyone knows anything about house music it's David Guetta who has successfully turned a DJ career in a full fledged producing gig.

Paris tweeted on August 31, that she and DJ Afrojack are making house music in Mallorca, another Island in the Mediterranean Sea that's known for being a house music island.

"Jetting over to Mallorca with @DJAfrojack now to celebrate our new songs! It was so much fun working together in the studio. #HouseMusic!

If that doesn't confirm it, I don't know what does. She hashtagged #HouseMusic! This is twitter, you guys, the official newswire of celebrity announcements!

Additionally, Paris told us exclusively that she was working on new music, "I'm finishing up my album right now," she tells Hollyscoop, "It's almost finished."

Paris released her first album in 2006 called Paris... remember "Stars Are Blind" and "Turn It Up?" So when she said she was working on a new album I assumed it was another "in da club"-auto tuned type album, but I don't think anyone expected her to tackle house music!

Making this rumor even more of a fact, Paris Hilton was in Vegas this Labor Day weekend and appeared on stage during a Deadmau5 performance at the Cosmopolitan hotel wearing mouse ears and dancing on stage to his hit "Ghosts N' Stuff." She first appeared on stage under a sheet (to look like a ghost) and when she pulled off the sheet everyone was all like "Oh sh-t, it's Paris Hilton."