Paris Hilton's New Single 'Come Alive'

July 8, 2014 By:
Paris Hilton's New Single 'Come Alive'
Image By: Tom Briglia

The Hilton heiress released a second single from her forthcoming album. The track is called “Come Alive” and (fortunately) doesn’t have a feature from Young Money CEO Lil Wayne

“Come Alive” is an EDM-influenced pop track in which Paris sings about living her life, having fun, and being DGAF in general. The song is silly, yes, but that’s what we love about Paris. She lives life, and lives it to the fullest. No one is going to stop her. I mean, she has a CLUB in her house for goodness sake. 

Life goal: party with Paris.

Paris’ new single “Come Alive” isn’t as bad as “Drunk Text” but not as good as “Stars Are Blind.” Let us know what you think. Yay or nay?