Weirdest Celebrity DJs

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Weirdest Celebrity DJs
Image By: Jeff Gentner

With the amount of money celebrities have, they can take up any hobby they want, whether it's scuba diving in the Caribbean, collecting classic cars, cigarette boat racing, or even DJing. Whatever their motive is for taking up DJing, we still find it really odd. Here are some of the weirdest celebrity DJs:


Hodor from "Game Of Thrones"


The gentle giant is a singer, guitar player, actor and DJ. DJ Kristian Nairn has been professionally spinning in the UK and Ireland for the past twenty years. 


Brody Jenner

Chris Weeks/WireImage

Reality star Brody Jenner has been DJing for less than a year, but he's rocked clubs around the country and even gone on his own Neon Party tour. Brody's so dedicated to his DJ career, he missed his stepsister Kim K's wedding to perform in Chicago.


Paris Hilton

Tom Briglia/FilmMagic

We know this is old news now, but it's still so bizarre. Paris has had residencies in Vegas and Ibiza, raking in $100-350k for every hour that she DJs. She claims she is one of the top five highest-paid DJs in the world, and unfortunately, it may be true.


Elijah Wood

Jerod Harris/Getty Images

When he's not acting as Frodo Baggins, he's part of the DJ duo Wooden Wisdom. Along with his buddy Zach Cowie, Elijah Wood has spun at events all around the world, including a pre-Emmy party in West Hollywood.


Lindsay Lohan

James Devaney/WireImage

LiLo has many high-profile DJ friends, which include Steve Aoki, Major Lazer and Samantha Ronson. They helped influence her decision to pursue DJing. We would pay big bucks to see Lindsay and Paris go back-to-back behind the booth.


Nick Hogan

Djamilla Rosa Cochran/WireImage

He may be known to the world as Hulk Hogan's son, but Nick has been making a name for himself as an EDM DJ. Nick has even started producing his own music. However, his biggest track "Everybody's Doing It" received not-so-positive reviews from music critics. 


Kate Moss

Emanuele D’Angelo

The iconic supermodel can also mix on the decks. Her first DJ gig was at a Prada party in Paris, where she played '70s and '80s classics for the fashionistas to party to. 


Connor Cruise

Chelsea Lauren/WireImage

DJ C-Squared is Connor Cruise AKA Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman's son. Connor, who is still a teenager, has been taking DJing very seriously and makes up to $10k per gig.