Album Review: Paul van Dyk's "Evolution"

April 4, 2012 By:
Album Review: Paul van Dyk's

German DJ-Producer and one of the superstars of Electronic dance music, Paul van Dyk, has just dropped his first album of new material since 2007.

As one of the pioneers of dance, house, trance, EMD, whatever you want to call it, it’s obvious that van Dyk is a master of the art form.

The standout track is “Eternity,” a collaboration between van Dyk and the front-man of Owl City, Adam Young, whom van Dyk calls, “an insanely creative person.” It’s the only song I’ve heard that has come close to recreating the tone and sparkly electronica of Owl City’s 2009 breakout hit, “Fireflies.”

The greatness of van Dyk’s new album is that it covers the entire gamut of what EMD music means, or as van Dyk tells Stereotude, “[there are] a lot of different influences on this album, there’s trance, house, techno, progressive house, there is minimal, there are elements of pop on there. Electronic music is not about one genre, it’s the whole influence of electronic music that interests me.”

As for the new album, van Dyk calls it “a progression. I developed further in the last five years. This album is more direct, more intense, more straightforward, and maybe to some extent more danceable.”

From the lazy trance feel of “If You Want My Love” to the industrial sounds of “We Come Together,” it’s clear that this new album is van Dyk’s most versatile yet.