Paula Abdul on Her Idol Performance: It Felt Fantastic!

May 11, 2009 By:
Paula Abdul on Her Idol Performance: It Felt Fantastic!

Paula Abdul is back with new music and with her signature old moves. The American Idol judge switched roles from judging to singing when she performed "I'm Just Here for the Music" on the Idol stage.

Many criticized Paula for lip-synching during her performance and sporting a skimpy outfit that wasn’t age appropriate. Sources who were at the show taping reveal to Hollyscoop that she had two takes during her taping.

Hollyscoop caught up with Paula Abdul at the “Guide Dogs of America” event where we asked her what it was like to take on the stage. “Fantastic…I’ve never considered myself a judge, I’ve always been a teacher and mentor…and their personal cheerleader to make people feel confident …and you know go for it...rather than living in a bubble of fear…just to really go for it and not be afraid. For me it’s a great thing to be back in my element doing what I do....”

In regards to being comfortable on stage after being away from the mic for so long, Paula said “Totally…It felt great…I was uncomfortable wearing the outfit I not necessarily. I got bruises all over my body from the guy jumping into the guys arms… it was the best overall.”

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