Diddy Wants Assistants!

January 17, 2008 By:
Diddy Wants Assistants!

Seems like one assistant is just not enough for a business mogul like Sean Combs because he is looking for not one but two assistants.

Combs has placed an ad for a personal and an executive assistant to basically be at his beck and call. Oh and if you expect to get any sleep working for Diddy think again. He expects you to be "on-call true 24-7".

The lengthy ad, which was reprinted in the New York Daily News, reads the duties as being "a liaison between the Chairman (Diddy) and his family". If you do get the job you also get to "coordinate with (his) wardrobe manager to pack clothing selection for business and personal trips".

I guess this is the job that a million people would die to have right?